• 21: Reid Mihalko – Sluts
    21: Reid Mihalko – Sluts
    S-L-U-T: she may be a slut but she looks good to me! That classic Todd Rundgren song may be stuck... Read More
  • 17: Stephen Elliot – Submission
    17: Stephen Elliot – Submission
    “All roads lead to submission,” today’s guest Stephen Elliot confesses in this deeply revealing episode. Anyone familiar with his prolific writing and... Read More
  • 13 : Mitra Kaboli – Teasing
    13 : Mitra Kaboli – Teasing
    Cocktease, striptease, tease and denial… For Episode 13, Mitra Kaboli, the producer of that other amazing sexy podcast Audiosmut, came over to... Read More
  • 12: Nayland – Chastity
    12: Nayland – Chastity
    Dicks! Dicks! Dicks! Episode 12 has more cock talk than any YAPIT episode yet! My guest is Nayland, an interdisciplinary... Read More