oral sex

  • 39: Merritt K: Cocksucking
    39: Merritt K: Cocksucking
    We talk about a whole lot of out-there fetishes on this show. Every so often we like to switch it... Read More
  • 22: Nikki Silver – Hair
    22: Nikki Silver – Hair
    Tina wrote an essay for Nikki Silver’s upcoming book of photography, Unshaven, which collects erotic images of hairy women from Silver’s iconoclastic hardcore... Read More
  • 13 : Mitra Kaboli – Teasing
    13 : Mitra Kaboli – Teasing
    Cocktease, striptease, tease and denial… For Episode 13, Mitra Kaboli, the producer of that other amazing sexy podcast Audiosmut, came over to... Read More