The intimidating tough babe covered in symbols. The buzz of a vibrating machine. The endorphin rush of welcome, purposeful pain. These are just some of the ways that tattoo culture intersects with underground sexualities. Nobody knows that intersection better than Tamara Santibañez, a Brooklyn-based tattoo artist and the indie publisher of Discipline Press. Tune in to Part One of Tina and Tamara discussing the paradoxes of body art that is at once exhibitionist and a big fat FUCK YOU.



Tamara Santibañez is a multimedia artist living and working in Brooklyn.  Her work is rooted in subcultural semiotics, drawing from the worlds of fetish, punk, Chicano art, and tattooing.

Santibañez is the founding editor of New York-based publisher Discipline Press, an independent venture dedicated to reconnecting popular imagery of counterculture with the narratives and history of those who create and enact it.   She is a regular contributor to Sang Bleu Magazine and has collaborated with numerous brands, artists and publications such as Material Lust, Laurie Simmons, Printed Matter, The Ace Hotel, All Day Everyday, Born X Raised, and OBEY.  As a tattoo artist working at the legendary Saved Tattoo, Santibañez is widely known for her innovative combination of Chicano imagery with fetish iconography.