We talk about a whole lot of out-there fetishes on this show. Every so often we like to switch it up and talk about something conventional, familiar, and even vanilla. Which leads us to… cocksucking. Subversive writer and podcaster Merritt K has a lot to say about the job of blow: its versatility, its portability, its theatricality¬†.. and her perspectives are anything but mundane. What makes a great cocksucker? A great cocksuckee? What is the advantage of the mouth over other holes? Do you have to have a cock to get your cock sucked? Does consent have to be hot to be necessary? (hint: Nope) These questions and more on the latest episode of¬†YAPIT?!. This is a raunchy one, folks.




merritt k is a Canadian writer whose work investigates the conditions of intimacy in precarious settings. Her first book, Videogames for Humans, is an exploration of contemporary interactive fiction and was nominated for a Lambda Literary Award for Best LGBT Anthology. She can be found on Twitter at @merrittkopas.