It’s all well and good to play a video game or go on a tour of the ocean floor with a virtual reality headset: but if you’re jerking off, you need that shit to seem really, really real! Ela Darling is here to make that happen: she’s the world’s first VR cam girl. Ela and her pioneering company are working tirelessly to assure not only that VR cam models have presence and immersion for the viewer, but that this science-fiction-cum-science-fact industry creates new and sustainable revenue for model-entrepreneurs. Ela not only has a deep understanding of nerdy tech stuff, but intrinsic compassion for the sex workers who put the reality in virtual reality.

DISCUSSED: The Uncanny Valley / Presence / Engagement / Immersion / Light Reflected Off Skin / Caligula-style Orgies / Would Artificially Intelligent Sex Workers Pass a Turing Test? / Dragons Fucking While Flying / Combating Loneliness / Inter-pupillary Distance / “Maybe They Get Off on Disappointment” / Teledildonics / The First Martian Ejaculation / Shoot for the Moon! / Perverts Smelling Panties / Smell-o-Vision Foley Artists / Stereophonic Porn Symphony / ASMR Porn




Ela Darling is the world’s first Virtual Reality cam girl and a pioneer of VR in the adult industry. As the co-founder and face of, Ela joined forces with Cam4 to bring VR live cams to a global scale. In the process she helped empower performers to monetize across a new medium and helped create a new service for users to have an experience that far surpasses what was possible with any 2D analog. After earning her Master’s degree at the age of 21 and transitioning from a career as a Reference Librarian, Ela has spent the last 6.5 years as a feminist, porn star, and political activist. She is currently serving her second year on the board of directors for the Adult Performer Advocacy Committee (APAC) and is on the committee for the Performer Availability Scheduling Service (PASS). In her free time, she plays Dungeons and Dragons with other smutty friends