Is blood just another sexual fluid? Or is it dangerous paint? Canadian photographer Maxwell Lander (whose unparalleled new book, Carnal Anomaly, is out now!) is prepared to open veins and find out. Max is infamous for breaking through all kinds of barriers: between art and vulgarity, sex and violence, and sometimes the literal skin between human insides and the outside world. Tina climbed into Max’s Times Square hotel bed to giggle and shiver about knives, guns, scalpels, needles, and pushing beyond the limits of desire.

DISCUSSED: David Cronenberg’s Crash  / Canadian health care / Beefhearts Discovered in Garbage Cans / Fake Zombie Blood / Taking Things Too Far / The Taste of Menstrual Blood / Confronting Mortality




N Maxwell Lander is a photographer, designer, and other-type-of-artist. He is an advocate of the Oxford Dictionary including “pig” as a classification of gender.  He remembers being told his first word was “chocolate” and that his first steps were taken in order to get closer to certain parts of Dolly Parton on a TV screen. He aspires to someday grow a beard (for man contouring) and hopes to use his newly acquired deep voice to become the fat guy in the dance music video that inserts the singer’s name into the beginning.